Amanda Smith(non-registered)
Thank you Sasha for a really lovely hour riding with you, only my second time but you made me feel very relaxed. My friend Jeanie was so pleased to have ridden again after many years - and in such wonderful scenery!
Alice de Ville(non-registered)
Hi Iain, I just wanted to tell you how much myself and my daughter Autumn enjoyed our ride on Friday. It was truly wonderful to experience a tiny bit of your beautiful empire! And you have inspired us more than you could imagine and for that I am beyond grateful - it was awesome listening to your stories of your life: you are most certainly winning at life!!! Since we got back to grey Manchester I have done nothing but search the internet for properties that we can afford so that we can transform our lives into something more real - within 2 years we know that we will now be living in the Highlands and I can't wait. Thank you for everything, and thank you to Rusty and Quaver for looking after us x
Daniel Preet(non-registered)
Really amazing work! Keep it up! ;)
Pamela Dunnington(non-registered)
Hello Ian, I put some of the photos I took during our wonderful ride on my blog. We had both sun and clouds, but no rain. Ian shared that, "It only rains at night in the Highlands." Just a sample of the anecdotal wit of Ian. :-)

For anyone that wants to know a bit about what you may expect on the 3.5 hour ride, you can take a look at the photos on my blog. If you are considering whether to take a ride in the Highlands, I would recommend Highland Pony Trekking. GO!! I would love to go again for either a full day or a couple days! Just to be able to commit more of the Highlands to memory.
LeeAnn & Nathan Farris(non-registered)
We would like to thank Sasha and Iian for getting us in for a trek on super short notice. They were both fabulous about scheduling, helping us get there and suggestions that made our day spectacular. Horse back riding is my favorite outdoor activity and this was the best trail ride I've been on in many years. Sasha paired us both with perfect ponies and was an informative and entertaining guide. Reel was such a joy to ride. The scenery was incredible and rarely seen by tourist. No houses or people in sight for miles beautiful countryside. The weather even cooperated with bouts of warm sunshine between light . I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an amazing time seeing the true nature of the Scottish Highlands. We would go back again in a heartbeat.
E Warde(non-registered)
We booked an hour's trek at short notice. The weather was sunny with no wind and at that time in mid October, the trees were looking their best. It was the last day of a super week in Tomich and it was like saving the best to last. We two adults and three children were teamed up with the right horses, with our eldest boy having Rusty, the leader, which pleased him no end. Another of us was on Uisge, aka the Big Baked Bean, which provided much amusement. Sasha predicted that her shinty team would win their game against Glasgow and win their league and was right. Well done and congratulations!
K vadenoff(non-registered)
When you plan a trip for years, anticipation grows and the trip itself can be hard to fulfill. The Pococks lived up to every hope and expectation and then surpassed it again. Thank you for such a magical, fabulous day. We booked via email which went smoothly but I misunderstood the lunch arrangements - never fear Sasha whipped up some sandwiches for us and we were off. We rode Orbit and Angus with Ian on how favorite Nutmeg. Their 3 dogs also rounded out our merry party and we were off for the day. The scenery was stunning and the trail was challenging No staid and boring trail for us! We went off trail and blazed our way up to the top of the peaks for the view of a lifetime. I highly recommend their services and would visit again with pleasure.
Helen Coleman(non-registered)
Thank you so much for providing our children (Laurie, Alister and Stella) with the highlight of their holiday during our stay in the highlands at the end of August.
Beautiful location, placid ponies, kind, calm and friendly instruction and guiding from Sasha - we couldn't ask for more.
I hope you don't mind but I couldn't find you on trip advisor so have started the process to get you listed in the hope that many more travellers will find you and be able to share this amazing experience.
To anyone unsure about doing this - don't hesitate! - I can't recommend this highly enough!!
Sheila Benbow(non-registered)
Thank you very much to Sasha and Iain. Being novices it was a great experience. I would recommend it to anyone. We would definitely come back again. The horses were lovely natured and the trail had stunning views. Zachary who is 7 loved Rusty his pony and thought it was great that he got to lead us all. I loved being on Nutmeg, Georgiana enjoyed being on Rio and Nathan enjoyed being on Orbit. What a beautiful place. Your patience with Harrison (5 years) was amazing and he enjoyed his little ride on Rusty. Thanks again and hope to see you soon.
Myra Meschede
IT was a very special "Horse Trail" which lain, my guide from Cougie Farm high in the mountains of Glen Affric. To find him and the Farm from Sasha was a big adventure, because they life together with two children (the boys) at the end of the world near Glen Affric. It is absolutly individuel, and really a calm place far away from tourism. If someone likes the outdoor style and outdoor living with horses and trailriding, it is the best adress in the U.K. The booking about email and phone with lain and Sasha was very easy. I booked in a short time only 2 days before, because I was still there. It was a experience which I never forget in my life. Because it was so wonderful all together, I asked lain one day After our "horsetrip" again for a second Trail with him in the mountains. And I got another termin two days after my first term with him. I was very lucky about
this, because he is allways busy...and my rides went over a few hours. The first
5 and the second about 3,5 hours. At this day..he was full booked, but he did
all that I got my 2. Trailride in this short time were I was "near" Cougie.
Yes...there forget also big, big thanks to lain, Sasha, the "boys" and of cause to
the beautiful, strong and cool horses (Maggie and Orbit) everytime. I will miss
them in germany all together..also all the 4 dogs. I forget the name of them
I told lain I would come back next year, if a have hollidays..and sure I will come back again ..but then for a " Overnighttrekking" about a couple of days.
The sence about my experience in Cougie: All riders who likes outdoor rides and who likes the basic living and life it is the best place in U.K. where they must go..really good old fashioned life style. I enjoyed all and my little dog Jeki too...because whole time from lead..and a big fun with the other dogs and animals. The horses are very friendly..also with dogs. Dogs are wellcome at Cougie.
Ok that is all what I want to write..perhaps it helps people to find the real best Horse Riding Place in U.K.
P.S.: Special thanks lain getting through the fence (gate) without your key. I hope you will find him. But I am sure ..if it's necessary, you will find another way to get in and out...wherever you want. It was really funny ..and it works good..better then I thought. At the end I hope you met your "friend" the dear.
Thanks for all, have a good time, success for your all their works which you want to do, specially for your guests., it will be a great project in the future. And in the end the importent thing : Good health for you and your big "family". And do not loose your basic living and style of is great !!! Thanks for tea and bread after riding.

Greetings from Myra and Jeki , your german guests for a couple of hours.
Greetings from Myra and Jeki your gu

I told lain I would come back again with my little dog Jeki next year,...and than for a Trail about a few days. And I think it would be essential for people, which doesn't like the big city life and who likes animals which are not fenced in a little stable or " horsebox"
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